You won’t amaze yourself from within your comfort zone

I love stories about people who managed to overcome tough periods in their lives, and have achieved incredible things. Whose darkest moments have been an inspiration. I admire their determination to create something good out of something bad.

Often I wish everyone, including me, would have more of that determination. But I wonder, would those people have achieved the same if they wouldn’t have had to come from very far? Does one need to be desperate, in order to find the energy and dedication to take big, life-changing steps? Maybe because they have little to lose, they take risks, as it can hardly get worse than it already is.

Let’s face it, most people are more or less in a good place already. If we take risks which don’t work out well, we could lose the good things we already have. We prefer to cling to what’s good in our lives. We want to protect it. Our comfort zone seduces us, by painting us a desirable, peaceful picture. But well within that comfort zone, we lose sight of other possibilities, other ways of life, other roads to travel.

Teachers know this. For children to learn something new, there should be a manageable difference between the new knowledge and their existing capabilities and knowledge. Children, and adults just the same, need to step out of their comfort zone, in order to learn new things. For children, exploring the area out of their comfort zone often comes naturally. But somehow when we grow older, we like to cling to what we have and what we know.

Sometimes, our unconscious gives us a message. We get restless, but we don’t know why. We just don’t know what’s bothering us, because we are where we want to be. But somehow we feel the pull of different opportunities.

That restlessness is telling us we need to get out of that comfortable equilibrium. It’s time to learn something new, to get amazed and excited. Or even to get anxious, appalled, or shocked. It’s time to get out there, and develop ourselves.

So take that course you’ve been hesitating about, try out that new sport you’ve been interested in, or go for that odd hobby you’ve been thinking about for a while. In your job, never assume you know everything. Realize you can always learn from others. There’s always a way to do your job better. Or to move to another job. To add new skills.

Get out of your comfort zone, to live, learn, cry and be happy. Amaze yourself.