Job ads for women: A cynic’s alternative

We all know job ads are like real estate ads: you have to master the skill to read between the jubilant lines. At best, job ads paint just a slightly rosy picture of an organization and the advertised role. At worst, the current job holders don’t recognize their daily reality at all in the job ad.

For women this is even more true. After a while we learn that the reality in many organizations is not only different from the job ad, it is also different from what our male colleagues experience.

To demonstrate, here are some cynical (but more realistic) alternatives for job ads aimed at female candidates.

Okay, there are many organizations where not all of the above apply. Still, in almost every organization a few of these are happening every day.

Let’s have a good laugh about this exaggerated job ad – then get to work to identify what still is true in our daily environment, and work together towards a truly equal workplace.